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The main objectives of our company:

  • quality service and timely delivery of goods;
  • mutually beneficial prices on the basis of continued cooperation;
  • all matters relating to the delivery of cargo "from door to door";
  • own transport freight volume of 92m3 for Europe, the Baltic States, Russia;
  • offer comprehensive services for the delivery of goods to our vehicles from Europe to Estonia , and transshipment and registration for delivery to Russia;
  • forwarding and logistics services;
  • groupage and small cargo;
  • customs clearance in Europe , the Baltic States;
  • additional cargo insurance;
  • services of a customs warehouse and consolidation of cargoes.

DINOPLAN working closely with customs warehouses and expeditions in countries such as Germany , Italy , Austria , Latvia , Estonia, on which you can recruit or retain their cargo and, if necessary , according to your instructions , we will promptly issue the ( re-issued ) any documents for goods in a warehouse or in transit .